Sharing Documents

Automated Emails

Output documents can be shared via email. You can use the setting pictured below to automatically email the documents to a manually-entered email address or the value stored in an email variable each time the workflow is run.

A PDF copy of each document will automatically be included in the email. You can also include an editable Word version of any documents created from Word templates with this setting:

By default, automated emails are sent from with the sender name Documate. To replace this with your firm's name and email address, email with your (1) Mailgun email; (2) Mailgun API Key; and (3) Mailgun domain.

You can also customize the subject line and body of these automated emails.

Additional Emails

If you have chosen to display output documents to your end-user, they will also be able to email themselves a copy using this section of the generated documents page:

If the end-user is logged in, their email address will automatically populate this field.