Review Pages

By default, there is a Review Page at the very end of the workflow, where a user can go back to any question to edit their responses and rerun the documents.  If desired, you can customize additional review pages by following the instructions below:

Allow User to Edit Specific Prior Answer

You can use the "Edit" function to allow users to change an answer on a prior page.  For example, if you asked someone their name on page 1, you might want to give them a link to return to that page on page 15 of the interview.

This is the text you'll use to allow editing of prior answers.  This will place a link inside of your interview that allows the user to click on the link and return to the variable name referenced:

[Custom Text](${ url_action('VariableName') })


[Click here to go edit your name.](${ url_action('NameVariable') })

Creating Additional Review Pages for Repeating Questions

If you want to create additional review pages for your repeating item questions, you can do so by setting up a Text Instruction question in your interview editor, and inserting the following text:

${ ItemName_table }

${ ItemName.add_action() }

Here's an example below:

alt text here