Transfer Data with Data Manager

Documate’s Data Manager feature allows you to search, control, and reuse your data in multiple ways, including to:

  • Visualize the status of every interview workflow started on your account;
  • Search the responses of each workflow;
  • Jump into the current session of your workflow to edit your responses;
  • Multi-user interviews. Have your client respond to part of your workflow. Then, you can jump into their current session to finish or edit their answers before generating documents;
  • Re-use client data between one workflow to another. With this option, you can save answer files to be reused in the same workflow or on a different workflow, so you don’t need to re-answer questions that you already have data on.

How do I use Data Manager?

First, run one of your workflows and start answering questions. You can complete the workflow, but you don’t necessarily need to.

Then, go to the Master Dashboard and click on the Data Manager tab. Click on the workflow you want to use data from.

Now, you have two options:

1. Manage Responses to the Existing Session or Edit Generated Documents:

Select Open Existing Session to re-enter the workflow where you left off or change answers to a session to regenerate documents with modified answers.

In the example below, we want to open or edit a workflow called "Intake," which has only been completed once (1 entries):

alt text here

If you created a workflow (i.e., you are the template builder) and then you shared the link to the workflow with clients or colleagues, their sessions will appear on this screen, and you can see or modify their responses.

2. Reuse Previously Entered Data:

Select the other workflow that you want to pass data into and click Open.

Data Manager will automatically transfer any fields that you’ve already filled out (including repeating item questions). If there are new or unanswered questions in the second workflow, you will be prompted to answer those questions.

In the example below, we want to use the data from the workflow called "Intake" for client Jane Doe to populate our other workflow called "Case Documents Set 1":

alt text here

Make Sure to Use Consistent Variable Names if You Want to Reuse Data Between Workflows

To use Data Manager to transfer data from one workflow to a different workflow, the variable names you want to transfer between the two workflows must be the same.  For example, if you have a variable clientname in Workflow Part I and you want to reuse the same client name in Workflow Part II, you will need to use the same exact variable name (in this case, “clientname”).