Add Custom CSS / Styling

Add Your Own Styles

You can match the "look and feel" of your own website by adding custom styling and your own CSS to change the styles, colors, fonts, and button styles in your workflow.  You can do this by adding the link to your CSS style in the Settings section (like below):

alt text here

Pre-Built Custom Styles

You can use any of the design themes listed here.

Documate has also built custom styles you can use. Check them out here:

Clean CSS Favorite:

Black and White:

Dark Mode:

Light Purple:

Two Columns:

No Header: (good for embedding if you don't want the top logo/banner showing)

No Login: if you don't want to allow users to log in in the top right, but you still want to show the logo)

Right to Left: (this CSS is good for languages that are read from right to left, like Arabic and Hebrew)