Share Your Workflow

Want your clients, colleagues or others to take your workflows to send you data or generate documents? Here are the different ways you can share your workflow.

1. Share the link with colleagues (most popular)

Go to Dashboard and click the link button next to the workflow name. Then share that URL. This is the most popular because it's easy for single workflows:

2. Place workflows on a publicly facing page

Place a group of workflows on a client or internal portal page like this, place them behind buttons on your site, or set up paywalls. Here's an example of a custom portal page: Sample Custom Page.

3. Allow users to create logins to store their data

Watch this video on what your workflow looks like to an end user.

4. Share workflows from the middle

You may want to enter some of the data into the questionnaire, but then pass the workflow to the client to complete (or vice versa). To do so, use the Include Link to Continue Later option in the Settings (see below) to generate a link for the user to pick up where the last person left off:

alt text here

Other Sharing Settings

Restart From the Beginning Each Time

When you use the Run button on the Master Dashboard, you will always start a new session of your workflow.  If you share your link with a client, if the client clicks on the link again, they will be taken to the last place they stopped the last time they visited the link.  This is usually desirable, because you don't want the client to start at the beginning.

However, sometimes (particularly for internal use), you might want your interview workflow to start from the beginning instead of picking up where you left off.  To do so, you can add &new_session=1 to the end of the links right after yml, like in this example:

Prompt Login Before User Accesses Workflow

To prompt a user to create a login before they access the workflow, insert the link to your workflow in the spot below:

So for example, if your workflow is, your link would say: