Incorporate Videos & Files

Embed videos, images and files on the pages of your workflow to provide users more guidance or visuals.

Add Videos To Your Workflow

To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your workflow, you should:

  1. Go to your YouTube or Vimeo video, and get the shareable link.
  2. Use the ID of that URL (the end of the URL) between brackets like this: [YOUTUBE urlhere]  or [VIMEO VideoIDhere] and add this where you want the video to appear in your workflow.

If your URL is, you will use: [YOUTUBE ee1j5a1_Stk].

Here's how it looks on your screen:
alt text here

Here's how it looks live in your workflow:

alt text here

Add Images and Files

Images and files work the same way, except that you first need to load your image or other file, as follows:

  1. Add your image file to Documate under Dashboard > Files > Images
  2. Reference the file name where you want it to appear in your document like this:
[FILE FileName.png]

If you want your file to be larger, you can amplify it to a certain percentage of the original file. For example, the following will render an image that is 200% of the original file size:

[FILE FileName.png, 200%]