Formatting Questions

Customize the formatting and fonts throughout your workflow using rich text formatting in Markdown. Almost anything is possible formatting-wise. If you don't see it below, you can ask us or check out the options here.

(Note: Document formatting can be done directly in the document using standard Word features, so you will not need the instructions below for document formatting.)

Customize Fonts in Your Questions

If you write: *italic* it will display: italic

If you write: **bold** it will display: bold

If you write: ***bold and italic*** it will display: bold and italic

If you write: `emphasized` text    It will display: emphasized text

Add dividers between phrases by using four or more dashed lines: ----

Add a hyperlink into your questions:

If you write: [Link text here]( it will display: Link text here

Add bullet points:

Use the * sign and skip a line to add a bullet point, like this:

* Bullet 1

* Bullet 2

Will appear like this:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
Add additional line breaks:

Use <br> to add a line space, like this:

Some text here


Some text here

Change the Sizing of Questions

Use # signs to increase or decrease the standard size of the font on the questionnaire.  For example, using:

# Heading

## Subheading

### Sub-subheading

Will lead to:




Create an "Email To" Link

To allow someone to click on your link and have it open up an email address, use the following:

<a href=""></a>

Create a "Call Phone Number" Link

To allow someone to click on your link and have it attempt to call a phone number, you can use the following:


Create a Collapsible Section of Text (Accordion)

The following will allow you to create a collapsible section that looks like this:

collapsible accordion section guided interview


<summary>Click to expand!</summary>

Collapsed text here.