Test Your Workflow

Testing is an important part of building a platform. Before you go live, you will want to test your workflows with different data to make sure they generate the way you want them to.  Here are to ways to make testing much easier:

Use Dummy Data

Download the Form Filler Chrome extension so you can fill interviews in with dummy data.  By clicking the extension, all questions on your page will automatically be filled with data so you can quickly test even the lengthiest workflows.

You can also use Data Manager to rerun different sets of data into your workflows.

Refresh the Error Page to Regenerate Documents

Sometimes, your interview may lead to an error at the end.  If you get an error, don't close the error page.

Keep the page open.  Then, make the necessary change to your documents/questions and press "Save".  For example, adding the necessary variable or updating your documents.  Your workflow will change in live-time.  

Then, go back to the interview page, refresh the page so you see the Review Page and regenerate the documents.