Duplicate Docs for Each Repeating Item

Generate a separate document for each item in a repeating item.

Using a single document in your Output Documents, you can generate several copies of the document - one for each response to a repeating item question.  For example, if you have a repeating item for "children" or "shareholders", you can have a separate document generate with the appropriate information for each child or shareholder.  Below, we show you how in two steps:

1. Set up your document with the variable name.

Set up your Word document like you normally do, but in any space you want customized to the specific iteration of the Repeating Item question, use this:

{{ ItemName[i].ItemAttribute }}.

For example, if your repeating item is "children", with attribute "childname", use: {{ children[i].childname }}.  

This will generate one document for each child that is entered, and each document will be customized with one child's name.

2. Click "Generate Multiple" on the document's label and select the repeating item.

Mail merge document automation

In the example above, this interview will generate 1 Master Document and a Document for Each Child for each of the children listed in response to the Repeating Item question for "children."  If there are three children, three documents will be generated, and each document will have the name of one of the children.

Advanced Options

You can also set conditions so that different versions of a document have different text depending on the attributes of the repeating item, like this:

{% if ItemName[i].ItemAttribute == 'Value' %} Some text here. {% endif %}

For example:

{% if children[i].gender == 'Male' %} This child is a male. {% endif %}