Custom Domain

Personalized Domain

By default, Documate provides you with a personalized subdomain (  Standard accounts have the additional choice to set up your own Custom Subdomain (for example,  

Your Documate interviews must reside on their own separate domain or subdomain.  So, for example, if you already have content at, you cannot have your Documate interviews at  Instead, they must be at

To set up a Custom Subdomain, you'll need to modify the DNS records for your domain.  Here's how to do this:

  1. When you created a Documate account, you create a subdomain (your ANAME record). For example,
  2. Now, choose the Custom Subdomain where you want your Documate instance to reside. For example,
  3. Go to your DNS records (which might be at GoDaddy or and create a CNAME record to point to the ANAME record, like this:

TTL: 300

Note: For the Host, some domain DNS providers, like GoDaddy, will only want you to add the docs portion, without the (since the is already assumed).

You will need to wait up to 24 hours (but likely less than an hour) for your domain provider to finalize this link.

Curious about what this means?

The ANAME record is the address we create for you dictates where the server is (e.g.,  The CNAME record is what you create on your DNS records (e.g.,  By creating the CNAME record, you're connecting the two.

Personalized EmailYou can also send default emails from your own domain/email with a Mailgun account.  If you'd like to do so, please send us an email with your (1) Mailgun email; (2) Mailgun API Key; and (3) Mailgun domain.

For either of these options, you can also contact us at, and we'll walk you through it on the spot.