Document Naming Convention

You can add variable names to your final document name. If you want your final generated documents to have document titles that include the value of a variable (like a client name), you can do this in the Output Documents tab.  Click on the document and change the Name: section, like this:

Documate document automation naming convention

In the example above, we used the client's name (variable: clientname) before the document name in this format: ${VariableName}.  So, if the variable is "clientname", we used ${clientname}.  In the final document, this would appear, e.g., as Jane Doe - Test Doc.  

Have more than one variable you want to display in your document name?  Insert both variables inside of the ${ }.  

Example: To use the variables lastname and firstname with a comma in between in your document title, copy this into the "Name" field.  This will place a space in between the last name and the first name:

${ lastname + ' ' + firstname } - Document Title Here

This will generate: Smith John - Document Title Here