Formatting Special Numbers

Formatting Phone Numbers, SSNs, EINs and Other Numbers

You can force the formatting of any number by having the user enter it as a Number question type.  Then, copy and paste the below into your document (or use the Word add-in) and then applying whatever formatting you want to it using n for the number like this:

Phone Number in (555) 555-5555 Format

{{ number_custom(variablename, "(nnn) nnn-nnnn") }}

Other Examples

  • Phone Number as 555-555-5555

{{ number_custom(variablename, "nnn-nnn-nnnn") }}

  • SSN with dashes

{{ number_custom(variablename, "nnn-nn-nnnn") }}

  • SSN as XXX-XX-0000

{{ number_custom(variablename, "XXX-XX-nnnn") }}


{{ number_custom(variablename, "nn-nnnnnn") }}